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NQ Transmission: HELLO WORLD!

All outposts reporting conditions stable and suitable for human life. Despite toilet paper shortages at the NQPACWEST offices, and rowdy locals over at NQINTERIOR, life support remains online and necessities of life are provided for. It's been a long few days of interfacing with very foreign and very strange systems. Efforts to decode the alien transmission (VECTORLORD SOURCE CODE) continue in devastating earnesty. Full decoding expected soon based on current deltas....

Welcome to the NERVEQUAKE blog. We are a small, scrappy little game studio with some big plans. In keeping with our ethos, this blog will probably be a little light and goofy at times, technical and serious at others. We have some posts planned, but for getting started we'd like to do at least a semi serious introduction.

Having never blogged before, I don't really know how this is going to go - but I can attempt to project. I expect the bulk of what we post to be semi-technical posts relating to game development that we've done in the past, or are currently working on. There may be the occasionally weird post. We're spontaneous. As far as this post goes, we're just going to get some introductions out of the way.

I am NQDevon and my partner in GAMECRIME is NQIsaac. See, even our names are branded! Together we share all duties. If I had to give us titles, I would say that I (Devon) am the Creative Director and that Isaac is the Technical Director but we both are highly cross-discipline so even those distinctions are pretty weak.

How did we come to be? At a cozy bar, late and drunk on a rainy Vancouver night back in the halcyon fall of 2018, the two of us realized that we had some very clear and similar goals as far as what we would like out of a gamedev career. Mutually we were able to conceive of a game studio with some very specific goals:

We established the plan and built the studio. We knew we'd need a game to break out with, so Devon began to diligently work on VECTORLORD, our first game, while waiting for Isaac to escape from the infinite hell of post-secondary education and familial homestay.

What are we up to right now?

Right now, we're finishing up post-production on VECTORLORD a 90s "Shareware Style" twin-stick shooter with some crazy mechanics which is slated for a late spring 2020 release. This game is a twin stick, fast paced, intensely difficult shooter with modern progression and upgrade mechanics -- the game takes place within a pseudo "ironman" framework, and throws some interesting curveballs at you as you progress through the world on your way towards the final battle. It's hard to describe exactly how it all works, but check out the trailer and see what you think. We've got a unique take on play within negative space as well that adds some tasty seasoning to the force-progression twin stick magic.

This has been our main project for the last couple of years. We do have some projects slowly creeping up along the sidelines, and as we get closer to VECTORLORD launch we're spending more time each and every week on research & tools development for our upcoming games. We'll be making some blog posts about those due time!

What can we say about those projects? Well, we have what we think to be an incredibly cool one in mind for our next primary project. It is absolutely nothing like VECTORLORD, but we can't say what it is just yet. As a design goes, it's small and focused yet... expansive, and while it may remind you of games you've played before it's virtually guaranteed to be like nothing you've ever seen before. In our minds, when we come up with a design that we both strongly wish we could play right now, we know we're on to something good. BUT -- no spoilers until we have a bit more to show.

We'll be posting again soon. Upcoming topics will be engine development, game design, conceptualizing, and possibly some weird shit too -- after all, we are indie game developers which means we lost our minds ages ago.

Don't be shy. If you want to get in touch with us for any reason, hit us up:

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